• Neighborhood Committees & Interest Groups - All neighbors are welcome to join any of our working groups:

    - Transportation Committee: Improving how we get around by bike, car, bus, or walking.

    - Sustainability Committee: Cultivating and strengthening sustainable practices and opportunities in the neighborhood.

    - Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee: Encouraging disaster preparedness and preventing neighborhood crime.

    - Outreach Committee: Supporting ways to grow neighborhood awareness and participation in projects through printed and electronic communications.

    Building and sustaining a healthy, vibrant community often involves the dedication and hard work of local volunteers. There are many groups and organizations that would welcome your participation and support! How would you like to contribute to your community? Do you have a particular interest, talent, or skill you'd like to share? Friendly Neighborhood volunteers have planted trees in Westmoreland Park, built a wheelchair-accessible ramp at the College Hill Reservoir, constructed an information kiosk in Friendly Park, and much more. Here are some additional ways you can get involved in Friendly Neighborhood:

  • College Hill Reservoir Watch Program - Volunteers are needed to help keep the reservoir surface clean. For additional information please visit the College Hill Reservoir Watch Program page.

  • Friendly Fruit Tree Project - The Friendly Fruit Tree Project is intended to connect motivated fruit gleaners with Friendly Area Neighborhood (FAN) residents who have excess fruit. For additional information please visit the Friendly Fruit Tree Project page.

  • Pesticide-Free Washington Park - An effort underway to maintain the Washington Park without the use of pesticides. A formal agreement has yet to be identified. To learn more please visit the Pesticide-Free Washington Park web page.

  • Pesticide-Free Friendly Park - Designation of Friendly Park as pesticide-free was discussed at the regular May 2013 monthly meeting of the FAN executive board. To learn more or to volunteer please visit the Pesticide-Free Friendly Park web page.

  • Annual FAN Summer Picnic - Volunteers are always welcome to help with setting up and cleaning up for this annual neighborhood event. To learn more about this event please visit the FAN Summer Picnic web page.

    To learn about additional volunteer opportunities, please contact a member of the FAN Board or plan to attend an upcoming board meeting to share your interest.