Thank you for your interest in sustainability. In 2015, a small committee was formed by request of some neighbors to address issues of sustainability in FAN. The mission of the FAN Committee on Sustainability is loosely-defined as: to build relationships in our community so we can live more lightly on the earth and meet our needs closer to home.


What is meant by "sustainability"? One way to describe it is: whatever creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony.


Below are some neighborhood examples of greener living, and of respecting & living in harmony with our place.


Friendly Fruit Tree Project

This project seeks to The Friendly Fruit Tree Project was created to connect motivated Friendly Area Neighbor (FAN) fruit pickers with FAN residents who have excess fruit.


Common Ground Garden --

The Common Ground Garden is located at 21st and Van Buren here in Eugene, OR.


Toolbox Project

Providing tools to help neighbors transform their homes and build community. Contact:


Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens

Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens is a bee-care company located in Eugene, Oregon. We began our beekeeping program out of a desire to educate our community about the plight of the honeybee, and all pollinators, due to pesticides and other environmental pollution.


Beyond Toxics

Working hard to get toxics out of our public places, so our families can enjoy a clean environment for generations to come.


Sustainable Eugene

We are working with Eugene residents and businesses to build a more sustainable community.


Friendly Park Care Days

A neighborhood effort, in cooperation with the City of Eugene, to maintain and care for Friendly Park without the use of pesticides. Now entering our second year of pesticide-free adoption and volunteer maintenance!


How to Plant a Tree

Informative and helpful guidance on how to plant a tree by FAN Board member Greg Giesy.




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