College Hill Reservoir Watch Program

In response to the discovery that the seams atop the College Hill Reservoir are leaking and EWEB's concern that contaminants could wash through those seams into the water supply, the Friendly Area Neighborhood in a general meeting has authorized the creation of a subcommittee to find away to keep our water safe and keep the reservoir top open to the public. Along with the agreement, which was approved by the Friendly Area Neighborhood Board, to put up gates and signage that dogs are now not let on the reservoir the College Hill Reservoir subcommittee is creating a Reservoir Watch program to ensure that potential contaminants are not allowed to linger on the reservoir's concrete surface.

With assistance from Friendly Area Neighbors and members of the Eugene Astronomical Society, the College Hill Reservoir Subcommittee has organized a task force of volunteers who are patrolling the surface of the reservoir on a daily basis. Any contaminants such as dog waste, litter, or anything else that shouldn't be left on the surface is being removed. The goal is to prevent anything from seeping through the joints during rainstorms, to maintain the beauty of the area for those who enjoy using it, and to provide EWEB with assurance that public use of the reservoir will reduce rather than increase any danger to the water supply caused by the leaking seams.

There are currently enough volunteers to make the task bi-weekly at most for any participating individual. We expect to expand that list of volunteers over time until no one volunteer needs to patrol the reservoir more than once a month. The committee has set up an online calendar where volunteers can sign up ahead of time and report the completion of their patrol, ensuring that the reservoir will be patrolled at least once per day and providing documentation of that patrol. The College Hill Reservoir Subcommittee members will monitor this calendar to make sure the patrol does in fact happen daily. They have volunteers who will fill in for anyone who misses. EWEB is invited to monitor this calendar as well. The calendar address is:

Recognizing that many people use the reservoir on a daily basis, the College Hill Reservoir Subcommittee also plans an education campaign that will enlist the public at large to help keep the reservoir clean, both by reducing litter to begin with and by encouraging visitors to pick up any litter that they see.

It's encouraging to note that the reservoir has been patrolled daily since April 16th and so far no dog waste and very little litter has been found on the reservoir surface. In fact, no dogs have been spotted on the reservoir surface at all since the gates and "No dogs" signs went up. The gates, signs, and public awareness of the need for a clean surface seem to be working, and it is the College Hill Reservoir Subcommittee’s intention to ensure that it continues to work so that closure of the reservoir remains unnecessary.

The College Hill Reservoir Subcommittee officers are:
Greg Giesy, Chairman
Jerry Oltion
Larry Deckman
Bill Murray
Ethen Perkins

They welcome any input from EWEB on this Reservoir Watch program.