Map of Friendly Neighborhood with Historic Resources

A.Eugene Airpark - The former Eugene Airpark once partially occupied the land in the northwest corner of Friendly Neighborhood. Westmoreland Park replaced it in 1954. Originally, a runway ran parallel to Chambers Street on the east side. A second runway ran from near the intersection of 18th and Chambers on a diagonal to the southeast. Pieces of the old tarmac were unearthed during tree plantings in Westmoreland Park. A basalt column and plaque next to Westmoreland Community Center identify the park’s former life as an airport.

B. Columbia College - In 1856, Columbia College opened for classes. Less than a month later it was destroyed by fire under suspicion of arson. Rebuilt in 1857, it was again consumed by fire on February 26, 1858. It was partially rebuilt in sandstone, but ultimately abandoned due to controversy over the college’s board of directors. A Stone marker and plaque reside at the corner of 19th and Olive Streets.

C. Eugene General Hospital/Mercy Hospital - Across from Civic Stadium, a pair of concrete steps leads up from Willamette Street to the sidewalk. This is all that remains to indicate the site of the former Eugene General Hospital. Built in 1906, it was renamed Mercy Hospital in 1912 after being purchased by the Catholic Sisters of Mercy. The hospital closed around 1928 and sat empty for a decade before being razed between 1938 and 1940.

D. Civic Stadium - Constructed in 1938, it became home to Eugene’s own minor league baseball team, the Emeralds, in 1969. The roof and grandstand were constructed utilizing local, old growth Douglas Fir trees.

E. EWEB Green Water Tower and Reservoirs - The College Hill Reservoirs and water tower are owned and operated by the Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB). The area of College Hill between Lincoln and Lawrence and 23rd and 25th is the repository for drinking water for the City of Eugene. When we turn on the kitchen tap or water the lawn or wash the car chances are the water we are using come from one of three reservoirs located on College Hill. The oldest of these reservoirs is close to 23rd and Lawrence. This one is known as the 603 reservoir, which is the number of feet above sea level to the overflow pipe at the top of the reservoir. This large concrete tank began life about 1915. In the beginning it had an open top and was surrounded by a wrought iron rail, about 19 years later it was covered with the present concrete lid. This concrete tank holds about two and half million gallons of water when filled.

Adjacent to this reservoir is the 607 reservoir, the large concrete structure with the pipe railing around the perimeter. The 607 reservoir was a product of the FDR Public Works Administration and constructed in 1939. This reservoir is divided into two sections, north and south, which when combined hold some fifteen million gallons of water. This facility is teamed with a larger reservoir near 25th and Hawkins and other facilities store a supply of drinking water for the City of Eugene.

At the very top of the Friendly Area Neighborhood is the 703 reservoir, also completed in 1939. This steel tank is about thirty feet in diameter and twenty feet tall. Its six legs raise it some seven hundred feet above sea level where its red blinking light can be seen from most of downtown. This reservoir holds about one hundred thousand gallons and serves the homes in the immediate area which would have insufficient water pressure if gravity fed from the adjacent in-ground storage.

F. Jim & Bonnie’s Miniature Golf - The course is known to have operated at 2840 1/2 Willamette Street in 1958 and 1959. James Willette was owner. Little else is known.

G. Friendly Garage - Originally built in 1945 as Brumwell’s Friendly Service, the Friendly Street Garage also served as a Shell gas station. The structure once stood at the corner of 27th Avenue & Friendly Street. It was torn down in 2004. The foundation is still visible.

H. College Crest Streetcar Station - Electric streetcars operated in Eugene from 1907 to 1927. The College Crest loop started at 11th and Willamette and wound through Friendly Neighborhood along sections of Jefferson and Friendly Streets. The College Crest station once stood near the intersection of 28th and Friendly. The exact location is not known. The route continued east along 28th and 29th before turning north up Willamette back towards downtown.

I. Drive-In Theatre - The Eugene Drive-In Theatre operated at 29th & Willamette (the current site of Woodfield Station) from at least 1949 through 1962. It relocated to Glenwood in 1963 (the current site of the LTD bus barn. The 1955 City of Eugene Directory lists Willard Gamble as owner.

FAN Board member and long-time Eugene resident Greg Giesy recalls: “The screen for the drive-in movie faced into the hill so neighbors with picture windows could watch the movie from their living room. The drive-in even ran wire to some of the homes so that they could hear the movies for a fee”.