• US Mail

    Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN)
    c/o Neighborhood Services
    99 W. 10th Avenue
    Eugene, OR 97401

  • FAN Board Officers

    Morgan Greenwood, Co-Chair - email: MorganG@uoregon.edu

    Margie James, Co-Chair - email: margjam57@gmail.com

    Bernie Corrigan, Treasurer - email: bgc@teleport.com

  • FANspeak -- You can sign up to receive announcements and updates on projects, events, and other efforts in the area with FANspeak. FANspeak is a Google Group that shares neighborhood news by email. To sign up:

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  • The Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter - our quarterly newsletter is mailed to every address within our neighborhood boundary (if funding allows). Letters to the editor (200 word max) are welcomed. Inquire about deadlines and submit to editor@friendlyareaneighbors.org. Past issues of the newsletter are available on the documents page.