June 1938Construction begins and the title to the stadium property is deeded over to the Eugene Public School District 4J to "be used as a recreation area for the School District and for the municipality".
1969Eugene Emeralds begin using Civic Stadium for minor league baseball games.
2002Civic Stadium property placed on surplus property list by 4J School District.
2009Eugene Emeralds end their 40-year run at Civic Stadium and announce plans to play at the University of Oregon's PK Park next to Autzen Stadium.
April 22nd, 2010Friendly Area Neighbors hosts a spring, general membership meeting titled "Civic Vision" which brings together stake-holders from the 4J School District, the City of Eugene, the Eugene Family YMCA, Kidsports, and neighborhood residents to talk about the future of the stadium.
June 1, 2011Eugene 4j School District Board votes 4 to 3 to reject all 3 redevelopment plans for Civic Stadium property.
June 2013Eugene Family YMCA offers 3.5 million for stadium property to build a new facility.
June 2013Powell Development offers 4.7 million for stadium property to build a Fred Meyer store.