Minutes from the Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board Meeting on Monday, June 10th, 2013

Present: Andrew Fisher, Carlos Barrera, Matt Lutter, Kristina Lang, Greg Giesy, Nancy Ellen Locke, Nancy Classen,  Rex Redmon, Christine Thompson, Bruce Strimling, Marv Glover, Edward Goehring, Deb Jones, Bernie Corrigan 

Absent: No one! 

Guest(s):  Melva Moore, Eliza and Joshua Kashinsky

Public Comment: none

Meeting Minutes:
Greg moved to accept the May minutes as posted. Edward seconded. 11 voted in favor. 3 abstained. Motion carried. 

Summer Picnic: 
Edward had a slow response from non-profits. After some legwork, he has recruited about a dozen for tabling. Bernie suggested contacting Metropolitan Wastewater for their enlightening sewer display. Bernie and Andrew will solicit door prize donations. Melva thinks organized games would help facilitate interaction between neighbors. She has volunteered to coordinate them. Edward thought she might contact The Little Big School, they had a booth last year. Melva asked about the pancake breakfast. Nancy Ellen suggested serving pancakes at the picnic.

Neighborhood Clean-up:
Melva asked about holding a clean up again this year. Andrew said that it was a fair bit of work and the last time they did it, it wasn't as popular as it had been in the past. Melva said she could call around. Andrew will send her his contacts.

Garage Sale:
Andrew asked if we should hold the garage sale before the picnic, the weekend of July 20th. The consensus was that we should try it. Christine pointed out that it would be a good opportunity to advertise for the picnic. Can we make flyers for people holding garage sales??? 

Friendly Park:
Andrew met with Chris Girard and other volunteers. There will be a park clean up on Sunday, June 28th from 9am-noon. Edward said that he could provide electricity, a chipper/mulcher, and other tools.

Civic Stadium:
The YMCA has offered 3.5 million to 4J for the Civic Stadium property. The 4J board has said they will not respond to the offer until August. Nancy Ellen pointed out that the Y and the soccer folks only want to use part of the lot. She thinks that a good broker may be able to find a compromise that would satisfy both. Christine wants FAN to bring the city in to discuss the possible outcomes for this amazing resource in our neighborhood. The city will end up deciding what goes there after the property is sold anyway. She pointed out that the city could be proactive or reactive. The South Willamette Concept Plan stops at the Civic property line but there are huge transportation implications that should be considered with the concept plan. Edward shared the fate of Kezar Stadium in San Francisco and questioned the structural integrity of Civic. Christine assured him that a report shows that it is structurally sound. Bernie asked if there was any news about a potential land swap between the City and 4J. Christine said that it was not on their plate. Nancy Ellen pointed out that the city is responsible for traffic, if they look at that, it might help direct what could or could not go there. Carlos asked if it was true that because it is public land, that public entities would get first crack at it. Christine confirmed that is true. Carlos thought the city might use parks funds to buy it. He wondered what role we can play. Bruce suggested polling the Forum. Edward thought we should consider the economic implications of the potential end uses of the property. Greg said that the zoning would have to change if Fred Meyer, for example, bought it. In that scenario, traffic-wise, it would cost the city millions to resolve, adding lots of cars, not just event traffic but daily traffic. It might actually save money for the city to buy it. The city had an agreement with 4J that the property would always be used for recreation. Christine told us that it's currently zoned PL (Public Land), anything other than that would require rezoning. If you look at the neighborhood refinement plan and metro plan, it's zoned R2. Going from that to commercial zoning is a big leap. Carlos mentioned that the Y has said they could move into the site of Roosevelt School after they rebuild. Kristina would like the Y on the Civic site with the stadium. She pondered whether it would be possible to split the lot and sell off a piece to each group. Carlos thought they wouldn't do it. Andrew wants us to organize a stakeholder meeting with the city. He also thinks a land swap might be a more successful option than spending public money on it. Christine said we should have reps from the FAN board meet with city councilors. Edward recommended including other neighborhood associations, whose neighborhoods might lose money if a large commercial development there draws business away, to speak to their city councilors. Rex suggested having transportation planning look at the carrying capacity for the site. Next steps? Ask the city council to have a work session? Edward moved that we send a letter to the City Council to look at economic impacts in a work session, approach transportation and planning to look at traffic implications, and talk to the NLC for help with community character. Greg seconded. Andrew suggested we refine and finalize the motion via email. Everyone agreed.

Treasurer: NONE

Neighborhood Leaders Council (NLC):
Deb and Andrew attended the last meeting. Deb told us that the NLC voted to recommend that the city hold off on staff cuts, until a larger discussion may happen. The NLC has drafted a letter to the Eugene Budget Committee. They encouraged neighborhood associations to also draft letters of support for Neighborhood Services, and discussed the consequences of losing the program, including no newsletter funds. Greg said they would be losing a lot of volunteers and that eliminating the NUSA 2014 conference will make Eugene look bad. Andrew thought that if we do draft a letter, it should focus on the issues, not attempt to balance the budget ourselves by talking about where the funding is coming from. Carlos thought we should revise a motion and formulate a letter via email, then send it to the Budget Committee and City Council. Everyone agreed.

Eugene Neighbors Incorporated (ENI):
Greg reported that there was a general membership meeting, Edward was one of the speakers. They discussed neighborhood groups, parks, and gardens (including school gardens and Common Grounds garden).

Sustainability Committee:
Matt is helping to organize the neighborhood green bike tour and could use some help. He's looking for 6-8 sites. So, please contact him with any suggestions. Andrew suggested including Friendly Park, to discuss the Pesticide-free Park program. Greg asked that walking be included as an option for those who do not ride. Edward also added that NUSA is looking for tour events.

Public Safety & Crime Prevention Committee:
Carlos will be able to complete the matching grant for Map Your Neighborhood. The city found more booklets. They have done 19 of 24, have 4 more scheduled, so they only need one more group. Carlos is looking for a cheaper way to do it, since the booklets cost about $2 each.

Transportation Committee:
Christine reminded us about the S. Willamette Street meeting tomorrow night. Christine passed around a map of the bicycle/pedestrian plan and encouraged us to weigh in on what the neighborhood association wants or needs. They won't have a meeting next month but will schedule one for August. Nancy Ellen thinks that 24th Avenue would be good to support for the Safe Routes to Schools program. Rex clarified that the goal was to at least connect bus stops because there were way too many sidewalks wanted/needed. Edward asked that we remember the aging population, that walkability/roll-ability should be included in the discussion. 

College Hill Reservoir Committee:
Greg reported that the website for scheduling and reporting was very hard to use and needs to be rethought. He spoke in front of the EWEB commissioners again. He noted that there are more people from the astronomical society on watch than neighbors.

FAN Communications

Friendly Neighbors Forum (FNF):
Edward has been paying for FAN announcements out of his own pocket. Greg moved that we pay for announcements on FNF about the College Hill Reservoir, Civic Stadium, the Picnic, and Garage Sale, with a budget not to exceed $50. Bernie seconded. 13 in favor, 1 abstention. Motion carried. Edward said that it would be best if people send language for the announcements to him and he will post them. See the full Forum report attached.

Friendly Area Neighborhood Newsletter:
The deadline for submitting articles is Friday, June 21st. It should arrive in mailboxes around July 14th. 

Meeting Adjourned at 9pm.

The Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN) Executive Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month at the Washington Park Center (2025 Washington) beginning at 7:00 PM. The beginning of each meeting is devoted to public comment. Meet a neighbor...make a friend!